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Locally Grown is a locally Athens based company that allows people to place organic, locally grown food orders online. We all have busy lives and often cannot find the time to go to our local farmers markets. This company gives people the chance to eat healthy conveniently.

We have now created an app to make this shopping experience easier than ever. Through our app, we hope to reconnect our community through healthy, local eating.  

Eating local is more than just the food

Eating local is not just about the food. Eating local boosts our local economy. Eating local optimizes our health by decreasing 93% of health risks. Eating local brings the community together. Eating local tastes better. Eating local is the future, let's start living. 

Did you know?


  • Recent estimates indicate that the average fresh food item travels 1,500 miles from production to final purchase. Causing it to lose nearly all of its nutritional value.

  • Buying raw foods provides opportunities for families to share quality time together in creative, productive, and rewarding activities, which contribute to stronger families, communities, and societies.

  • Farmers who sell food direct to local customers, receive the full retail value, a dollar for each food dollar spent. This supports our local economy tremendously.

  • By eating local, people are able to reconnect with local farmers, and through local farmers, reconnect with the earth.

  • Modern food is packed with sugars, salt and unhealthy fats, all of which have been linked to a variety of diseases.

  • Local food lacks addition preservatives and additives which has direct relation to the levels of dopamine levels causing one to be happier overall.

  • Eating local encourages eating seasonally, in harmony with nature, which directly relates to a balances and happy life. 

Eat Local, Live Well

Do it for our health, for our families, and for our lives.



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"Eating local is a way of life for me. I trust where my food is coming from and I feel comfortable feeding my customers with delicious food full of integrity."

- Alyssa Wagoner, Restaurant Owner

"Yes, the food tastes better but eating local is more than that. It puts money back into the pockets of people in our community. Eating local also gives me confidence that my husband and children are getting the proper nutrition they need."

- Cheri Peterson, Mother/Journalist


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